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Repair or Replace?

The average lifespan of a new unit is 10-15 years. So, when dealing with a system breakdown should you spend the money to repair it or replace it? Here are some things to help you decide.

-What needs repairing: air conditioner? Furnace/boiler? Gas/electric packaged unit?

-Age of equipment: less than 6 years? 6-10 years? 11-20 years? 20+ years?

Estimated Cost: less than 100? 100-500? 501-1000? over 1,000?

Is they unit still under warranty?

Type of refrigerant used: R-410A or R-22

Does the system turn on and off repeatedly during the day?

Is it loud?

Are there rooms that seem harder to keep cool or warm?

Time you plan to stay in home? 2years or less? 2-5 years? 6-10 years? 10+years?


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